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DIY - Blank Vinyl Figures


Introducing The Dude in his purest form! A big, fat, raw piece of blank DIY vinyl ready for you to draw on, paint on and stick things to. 

As soon as I saw that I had 5 million ideas of what you can do with it.
— Ron English on the Do It Yourself Dude.

So throw some paint at him, dress him up and make him into wonderful art! For inspiration head over to the Dudebox Plus custom Dudes page and see what other great artists have done with him.

Mini DIY Vinyl Toys

Do It Yourself,

I am "The Dude". You can draw on me, paint on me, stick things to me. Use pens, pencils, paint or just about anything you want to make me look amazing! I am 7.5" of big, blank, raw vinyl ~ the perfect 3D canvas!